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Welcome! Below is the culmination of planning, designing, writing, and rewriting! I use this space to showcase my stories, photos, thoughts, and work samples. Please be in touch on my personal blog to let me know what you think.

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My Story

What You Need To Know

Abdullah Nassar

Abdullah is one of the influential youth. He is an Iraqi content creator, author, writer, and owner of the book “From Four Months.” Abdullah was not satisfied with all these talents and experiences, but also moved to the field of marketing and took the course offered by Google, from which he obtained a digital marketing certificate. And he was not satisfied with that, but he conducted an educational workshop for young people in the field of e-marketing, and he encouraged and urged young people about the importance of this field in our current era. Indeed, e-marketing has become the most important element for companies and business owners because it has become easy to promote their goods or services through Marketing and advertising.
Abdullah was not satisfied with that amount of knowledge about marketing, but also obtained a certificate in how to self-market and write content on the Twitter platform, and obtained a certificate of effective electronic presence.

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